About Chef

About Chef

Born and raised in Ahmedabad, India, Chef Sarabjit Singh was surrounded by prominent, male culinary influences. His father and grandfather were both chefs who owned and operated several very successful restaurants in and around the city. After years of going to his father’s restaurant to watch the chefs work their magic, Sarabjit started to assist them in whatever they needed. By the age of 15, he knew that his passion and skills lay in the culinary world, and he began to work in his father’s kitchen, whilst completing his Bachelor of Commerce. It was at this point that Sarabjit knew that in order to understand all aspects of both running a kitchen and a successful business, he would need to venture further abroad to expand on his knowledge. This pinnacle moment lead him to Melbourne, Australia where he got his certications in both Commercial Cooking and Hospitality Management, landing his first role as head chef in 1998.

Sarabjit Singh spent the next decade perfecting his art and climbing the ranks, until he was presented the opportunity of coming to Canada where he had his first foray into the world of fine dining. His first experience in providing upscale cuisine was as a sous chef at Dimmi Restaurant, in Mississauga, before landing the coveted position of executive chef at the prestigious Terrace on the Green in Brampton. This role lasted for 11 years before he took the plunge and opened his own restaurant, Mirch Masala in 2016.

The concept of Mirch Masala was to go back to his roots and create a twist on some classic Indian dishes but in a fine dining setting. Sarabjit is as passionate about the preparation and authenticity of the flavours and ingredients as he is in his unique presentation. Guests are left wowed with this redefinition of Indian cuisine and has garnered a lot of attention as one of the hottest restaurants in Brampton.

Mirch Masala is the brain child of Chef Sarabjit Singh and the grand plan is to open two more restaurants with different names and concepts within the next 10 years. With extensive experience in Indian, Italian, Western, and Continental fine dining cuisine, watch this site to see what exciting projects will be next on his list.



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